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Blackberry vs Android

Blackberry internet service is cool yes but it cost R60 a month so yes thats okay because you can download uncapped .

But the price for the cheapest blackberry is min R150 a month but its internet connection is edge .

So here what I say you can buy an Android phone that has a far more faster internet  for as little as R100 a month and get 100 meg data a month plus R100 airtime .

I know what you are thinking but I can still download uncapped , yes that’s true but just buy extra data for example 2 gig that will cost about R80 rand a month at Cell c tell me who is going to download 24/7 all day with a slow internet connection .

Blackberry still has a physical keyboard while android has a touch screen .

So my conclusion is Blackberry sucks and Android rules.


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